Emerging Healthcare Technology Innovators

At National Healthcare Technology Solutions, we understand the healthcare industry is a very dated and difficult industry in which to penetrate and succeed. While emerging healthcare technology innovators specialize as technologists with disruptive new solutions, they often lack the sales and marketing expertise to influence healthcare system decision makers.


  • We have the sales and marketing expertise to influence healthcare system decision makers. We can create and control significant revenue channels in the healthcare and corporate employee benefits industries for emerging healthcare technologies. NHTS knows that the selling cycle within the healthcare provider industry is archaic and has unique strategic challenges. We use our experience to successfully guide healthcare technology companies through these sales and marketing challenges.


  • We allow you to generate revenues now. As technologists, you have invested significant dollars and, many times, have given up a great deal of ownership equity to create a disruptive healthcare technology solution. You are now faced with the dilemma of raising more capital and facing more time delays to create sales revenues for your solution. By partnering with NHTS, you can hold on to equity share and vital working capital by utilizing our sales and marketing industry expertise. We can insert your disruptive technology into our already established revenue channels via our experienced and successful healthcare sales and marketing professionals.


  • We have a unique ConnectedHealth Way Station. With NHTS and our strategic alliance partners, you will have the opportunity to accelerate your transition from product development stage to marketability stage. If needed, we offer our industry analysis and advisory services to prepare your disruptive healthcare technology solution for interoperability, security, HIPAA compliance and data capture certifications and functionalities.