Employee Benefits Administration Platform

A cutting edge, creative, all-in-one solution came to life because employee benefits are broken. People deserve to have their health and benefits work for them in their everyday lives while accessing those benefits anytime, anywhere. People deserve to effortlessly choose right-sized plans that fit their unique lifestyles. Most importantly, people deserve to have the support they need when things don’t go according to plan. Everyone deserves a better experience throughout the year — not just during enrollment. Simply put: We are finally making employee health & benefits people friendly again.


Our partner is an employee health & benefits company delivering an all-in, technology-meets-service platform. They own and operate all the key solutions of the benefits experience — HR Management, Benefits Marketplace (Private Exchange), Self-Funded Insurance and Benefit Accounts — to provide Employers with one partner, one service team, one platform and one portal.


They will evaluate your health & benefits needs and provide the best options for an all-in-one solution.