Employee Benefit Solutions

At National Healthcare Technology Solutions, we understand your organization is as unique as the people who work for you. That is why we offer flexible solutions that enable you to design and customize your own HR Suite and pick and choose what works for you. Mix and match the solutions you want and we’ll package it for you- all in one platform. Our not-for-profit Executive Benefit Plan is designed to protect and grow healthcare executive compensation in the face of ever-changing tax reform and healthcare legislation.


  • We provide a complete all-in-one technology platform solution. No more vendor juggling! We provide a flexible and all encompassing approach to employee health and benefits administration. One partner, one service and one comprehensive platform providing benefits administration, benefit accounts, self-funded benefits, people management, billing administration, ACA services, Shop By Doc, COBRA and so much more.


  • We believe that managing employee benefits is a year-round process. The best technology should not come without the best service and support. We will be a year-round partner that integrates innovative technology with dedicated, personal service providing a complete optimized solution experience.


  • We use a health plan management approach to self-funded benefits. Our self-funded modern benefits solution lowers costs by bending the cost curve through improved employee health, thus transforming the health experience. We focus on provider access and benefits costs, pharmacy benefit management, healthy(me) care management, and complete plan administration and services all under one roof. Our approach allows you to drive down healthcare costs, equip yourself with the best technology and never vendor juggle again.


  • We provide a unique solution for not-for-profit healthcare executive compensation requirements. The ever-changing tax reform and healthcare legislation landscape makes it increasingly difficult to attract and retain high values executives and physicians. Our unique Executive Benefit Plan will allow you to protect, grow and shelter healthcare executive compensation while removing restrictive barriers associated with outdated deferred compensation and SERP plans and the limitations imposed on them.