Interoperable Telehealth Platform

The healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage in primary care physicians, rural hospitals are shutting their doors and the demand for physicians’ access and time is at an all-time high.


The advent of telehealth technology provides a myriad of solutions for Hospital Systems, Accountable Care Organizations and Alternate Site Healthcare Facilities. Federal and state regulatory bodies are paving the way for telehealth and chronic care management reimbursement in the outpatient setting.


A telehealth provider that can deliver true ConnectedHealth interoperability is a valuable asset to any healthcare system. The ability to connect physicians and patients within and outside the walls of the hospital or healthcare facility is powerful. A telehealth provider who is vendor agnostic, allowing them to work with what is already in place within a facility and then continue to build out to scale is unique. The ability to handle all the software licensing and provide 24/7 service provides a complete one stop shop telehealth solution.


Value based medicine is replacing traditional fee for service reimbursement, which means being able to monitor and manage chronic care patients in the outpatient setting will minimize hospital re-admissions bending the cost curve for the entire healthcare system.


Our telehealth partner turns a single investment into a complete telehealth turn key solution:


    • Eliminates duplicated vendor costs
    • Built and scaled to meet each provider’s needs
    • Vendor agnostic, can adapt to existing telehealth components
    • Easily adaptable to existing telehealth components and networks within a health system
    • Promotes efficient, expedient cost saving interoperability
    • Provides all software licensing, 24/7 service and maintenance across the entire healthcare spectrum
    • HIPAA HITECH – HITRUST Secure Interoperable Networks