At National Healthcare Technology Solutions, we provide the expertise, HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, data warehousing and analytical tools to immediately implement healthcare information technology into your clinical research programs and post-commercialization patient engagement programs.


  • We can control the flow of data throughout the clinical research process. NHTS realizes we must integrate healthcare information technology into our clinical research trials in order to speed up the time to FDA approval and produce greater efficacy, side effects and adverse events results. Pharma/Biotech/CRO companies can now implement healthcare technology innovations directly into their clinical research structural parameters for patient enrollment, remote patient monitoring and data analysis. NHTS will help you meet the challenge of effectively integrating and monitoring the flow of data throughout the entire clinical study as well as analyzing the data for inclusion in the FDA approval process.


  • We allow you to generate revenues now. In order to stay competitive in the healthcare industry, NHTS believes you must improve your post-commercialization patient engagement marketing efforts to ensure your healthcare products are used more effectively by patients. That helps you achieve optimal efficacy and limit the number of severe adverse events and patient failures. As we move to value-based payment models, healthcare information technology is becoming an industry standard for a pharma/biotech company to better interact with their patients for a competitive advantage. We will partner with you to effectively measure the cost of internally incurring all of the IT expenditures necessary to offer such solutions, versus outsourcing important IT expenditures to a trusted partner. Other key issues to consider: HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and IT staffing from back-end development to middleware warehousing to end-user implementation.