Healthcare Provider Systems

At National Healthcare Technology Solutions, we remove the labor intensive research of healthcare decision makers who have to explore the myriad of healthcare technology products currently being offered.


  • We invest heavily in our R&D Department. We research and vet the entire emerging healthcare technology marketplace for you, and we ensure that all solutions are interoperable and can be easily integrated into your technology platforms. We stay current with all of the new revenue opportunities being created, and ensure our healthcare technology solutions collect the necessary patient information for successful reimbursement.


  • We are brand agnostic. Our strategic healthcare alliance is structured to bring you any solutions we discover that can be easily integrated into your current technologies. This reduces the risk of reinvesting precious budget dollars just to replace recent technology expenditures.


  • We know that data exchange is not free. Since controlling the flow of healthcare information is now mandatory, it is costing you enormous investment dollars to implement such information sharing platforms. We align healthcare technology solutions to revenue generating opportunities. Regulatory changes and new CPT codes are constantly creating new reimbursement opportunities created by the shift to value-based medicine.


  • We understand that “Patient Care is Local.” While the emergence of disruptive healthcare technology is revolutionary, your physicians are still clamoring for actionable data where it matters to them most: When their patients are ready for them in the waiting room for their next office visit. Our strategic healthcare alliance is designed to provide actionable data while providers are in real-time contact with their patients. The objective is to prevent adverse events, which result in hospital re-admissions or high-cost interventions.